The Story Behind the “October”

I’ve always loved the autumn season. I love celebrating and appreciating Autumn.

Autumn makes me feel that something new and magical is about to happen. 

I enjoy the fresh, cold air and colorful trees – it makes me feel good. It makes me think of new beginnings, new events, new chapters of life.

Thoughts swirl in my head of a pumpkin, cinnamon, fireplaсe… 

When I lived in Russia, one of my favorite things to do in October was walking in the peaceful, welcoming forest or just driving through leafy suburban roads, observing the wonder of nature around me and thinking about life. Those feelings were really amazing. 

But Now, living in the concrete forest of Hong Kong, in a subtropical climate, I really miss my autumn of crispy leaves that used to float down to tickle my face as I walked by their strongly rooted trees like they knew my secrets…

A few days ago I decided that this year will be different. This year I CAN talk about my feelings through my music and I CAN share those feelings with the world. 

I thought, “What if I make a new track dedicated to October? A track that will take me back to  those colorful forests in my imagination?”

Then early one morning as sleep faded, I woke up with these 4 chords in my head… 

I wrote them in my notes immediately so I wouldn’t lose them or forget them. I used them as a base for a harmony in my new song which I decided to call “October”. It all happened really quickly actually.

The problem was I wasn’t sure about how it would make other people feel… 

When I finished the song I was thinking “It’s just me and it’s silly,” 

I was afraid of how people would react But I published it anyway. 

The next day I almost didn’t want to look at the comments. 

But you know what curiosity does…

To my surprise, I got really good feedback on this song. I got a lot of nice messages from my fans, listeners and music lovers. It looks like my song has had a real emotional effect on many! So I’m not the only dreamer! 

Also,  “October” got published on some of the biggest Chillout YouTube channels and here is what people are currently saying:

“This rhythm is everything!”

“Autumn Feeling 🤗

“Making people dance with this at my pre-party 👌💃

“Such an emotional track! I feel your music from the bottom of my heart <3 “

“I think I have listened to this music seventy times today”

These comments make me really happy. Sharing my feelings through music makes me one of the happiest people in the world right now! And I want to say Thank You to you! 

If you have not listened to “October” yet you can listen to it now – just use this link to choose your favorite music service/platform:

You can also:

➢ Buy the original track on Bandcamp

➢ Listen “October” on Spotify