“The Night Lands” EP

I received this wonderful feedback from Kristian Hill from “Cwn Annwn & Moddey Dhoo” that perfectly described  what is this EP about.

So I decided to share it here.

“Being a trilogy these three tracks also tell a story in themselves.

Dark Waters was atmospherically captivating. It was peaceful yet dire. The heavy drum beat added a great element of despair to the track. Dark Waters leads the listener down an unforgiving, treacherous path that the protagonist knows is likely leading to his or her doom. There is a feeling of conflict between the sadness of knowing this may be your last day (since they are heading off to “The Battle”) but also the coming-to-terms with the fact that “it is time” to face the prospect of death.

The Battle. Outstanding job creating an engaging atmosphere of severe intensity and urgency fit for a battleground. Makes me imagine a kind of Lord Of The Rings-like battle with Orcs and darkness and mayhem.

The Bonfire I might interpret as either the celebration of victory, though it remains dark and mysterious as if the battle has not been concluded or as the aftermath of the wreckage, where there was no victor and all that’s left is destruction and death. Regret and remorse hold strong in this third song.

“The Night Lands” EP is available for download or streaming:

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