Anna B May Music Composer Producer

Hi, I’m Anna! 

I’ve always loved music since I was five years old when I started playing piano in Russia where I was born. I enrolled in music school and then music college and studied piano and music theory for 11 years.

Music just had this ability to touch my heart and unlock my emotions.  Composing was my favorite thing to do. Spending hours improvising on the piano, It quickly became my dream to make music that touched other people in the same way that music had impacted me.

But later life turned out quite different to what I expected. I switched my path and joined the corporate world (that’s how I landed up far from home in Hong Kong). It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the business world and the successes I achieved. It’s just that something was missing.

I didn’t even play the piano often. And I stopped composing. 


My dream of making music to touch other people’s hearts was fading away. It took me many years to finally come back to my senses and realize that I had to do something about my music.

I took some classes in music production. I bought the necessary equipment, and I started composing music again. To be honest, it was quite difficult to start again, from zero.  But I knew I could do it. I was considering just giving up this music thing, but I decided to keep going and push through all my doubts. I had a daily job, but I worked tirelessly at weekends. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but the result was worth it. Each song I created sounded better than the last one. My confidence started to grow.

After experimenting, some trial and error, I finally had a revelation. I still loved the piano and my classical roots, but I had new musical influences. I always liked the sounds of modern electronic music. So I started to experiment with my piano compositions and mixing them with modern electronic sounds which I truly love. The results were amazing. It all just started to click. I was on top of the world. I knew then that this was going to be the right path for me.  

Family and friends loved my work, and they started to push me to share my music online on YouTube and SoundCloud. I remember how I built up the courage and finally posted my first track.   People actually started to like my music and… here I am!

Now I experiment mainly with Downtempo, especially Ambient & Chillout, but I also have special feelings towards cinematic music and scoring. That is why even in my chill and ambient tracks you can often hear cinematic notes.  

Besides creating, I often live stream on Twitch and YouTube with producing sessions or performing/improvising.

Join me there 🙂

You can find me here: